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Section 3, Area T, Region 220

For Saturday October 3, 2015
We have to close Losee Park (U5 & Club teams) & Kingsland Park (U6) due to conditions.
Peabody, WI upper and Pennybridge (U8, U10, U14, U16 are in good condition. VIP is cancelled.
We have to wait for the morning to see if Pocantico (U12) opens their fields in the AM.
It's the coach's decision to hold practice on those fields. Please wait to hear from your coach to see if you have practice tomorrow. If you don't hear, please contact the team coach if practice is on.
Have a safe weekend!

It is our policy that the Regional Commissioner (RC) or the Field Director will make the decision to cancel games and/or practices for any given day, due to weather and/or field conditions, for certain or all age groups.

That decision is normally shown on this page.
Even if the games or practices are officially NOT cancelled, individual coaches (preferably after conferring with the opposing coach) have the right and obligation to make the decision to cancel if the weather is bad, after which the players/parents should be contacted through whatever notification process has been set up. The safety of the kids should be the guiding thread, not the comfort of the spectators.

For games played out of town, coaches must contact the opposing coach to find out if the game will be cancelled, and if so, advise the players.

"If you can see it - flee it; if you can hear it - clear it" is the safety slogan of the National Lightning Safety Institute (NLSI).

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