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Fields & Directions
Section 3, Area T, Region 220

Westchester Field Directions soccer field

Google Maps:
Note: No dogs are allowed on AYSO Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow/Pocantico fields.

  • Barnhart Field, 53 Andrews Lane, Sleepy Hollow
  • Kingsland Point Park, Sleepy Hollow (on Route 9, take Pierson or Bellwood Avenue into Palmer Avenue and turn left after crossing the bridge over the railway tracks. (If they want to charge you Park entrance fee, explain you're from AYSO soccer)
  • Lake Field, 219 Neperan Road, Tarrytown
    From Broadway in Tarrytown, at Main Street, turn onto Neperan Road. The parking lot is 0.7 miles away on the left, at the intersection of Neperan Road and Sunnyside Avenue.
    From the Saw Mill River Parkway, take exit 23, towards Tarrytown. The parking lot is 1.5 miles away on the right, at the intersection of Neperan Road and Sunnyside Avenue.
    Note: to reach Lake Field Soccer Field, follow the gravel path in the NW corner of the parking lot (old Putnam railroad). It takes 6 minutes to walk from the parking lot to the official entrance at the Nord side of the Field, along the path of the old Putnam railway track. Google maps shows a path directly from the parking lot to the Field, which is a single-file short cut to the south side of the field.
    If the parking lot at the red skate shack at the Lake is full, park along the divider with Neperan Road; or park on the other side of Neperan Road, along the wall of the EFI Language Center.
    Please do not try to park along other walkways or access roads illegally.
  • Losee Park Field, Green Street, Tarrytown (between the 2 boatclubs)
  • Peabody Field, 611 North Broadway (opposite cemetery), Sleepy Hollow
  • Pennybridge Field, (or Lagana Field) 171 Sheldon Avenue, Tarrytown
  • Pocantico Hills School, 599 Bedford Road (Rte. 448), Sleepy Hollow Note: DO NOT PARK ALONG THE ROAD (Bedford Road and the service road). All parking must be on the Upper Lot. Pickup/dropoff in the fire lane by the field and playground only.
  • Sleepy Hollow High School Upper Field. Park at the High School Football Field (210 N. Broadway, Sleepy Hollow) close to the intersection of Webber Avenue and Bedford Road (Rte 448). Access the Upper Field by climbing to the top of the bleachers, and follow a steep path to the right of the shed; or following the footpath, parallel to Rte 448, above the Football Field.
  • W.I. Upper Field, W.I. Lower Field, W.I. Franklin Field 103 South Broadway, Tarrytown (parking lots from West Franklin Street & South Broadway)
    Restrictions for WI Lower: 1. No sugary drinks (juices, Gatorade, or any other sports drink) are allowed on the turf. 2. Please don't kick balls up against the fences, or sit along the fence area, as this is disruptive to the neighbors.

  • Washington Irving Gymnasium/Cafeteria, 103 South Broadway, Tarrytown (parking lots from West Franklin Street & South Broadway)
  • Sleepy Hollow High School Cafeteria, 210 N. Broadway, Sleepy Hollow
  • Tarrytown Senior Center, at Pierson Park, 238 West Main Street, Tarrytown
  • Sleepy Hollow Senior Center, 55 Elm Street, Sleepy Hollow
  • OnTrack Sport Center, at 29 South Depot Plaza, Tarrytown (south of the train station)
  • Sunset Cove, 238 Green Street, Tarrytown
  • Abigail Kirsch's Tappan Hill, 200 Gunpowder Lane, off Highland Avenue, Tarrytown