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Extra Program
Section 3, Area T, Region 220

The Extra Program is designed to give registered AYSO players the opportunity to play more soccer beyond the opportunities offered by the core program. It allows these players to receive additional coaching, practices and games. Although we recognize that as a general matter, Extra Program games are often played at a higher skill level than Core Program games and are often more competitive than Core Program games, our Region believes that it is important not to lose sight of AYSO's philosophies and principles in the operation of our Extra Program. We reaffirm the position that the Core Program is the bedrock of our Region, and that the Extra Program is, as its name makes clear, "Extra". Howard Allen (646-483-9629) is the Extra Program Coordinator.

  • Extra Teams & Schedules
  • Westchester Field Directions
  • Area 3T Extra Program Handbook
  • Area 3T Extra Program Guidelines
  • Area 3T Extra Program Rules and Procedures
  • National Extra Program